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Developer, Architect or Property Manager?

News Item Written: October 2, 2014

Are you a Developer, Architect or Property Manager looking for a team of structural engineers?

If so, then this blog post is for you. Specifically we want to inform you how our team can bring your projects to a successful completion.

Fossatti Pawlak Structural Engineers has the experience to handle all types of projects, including custom homes, mixed-use apartments, retail, hospital, educational, and industrial buildings. We are advocates of the structural design for sustainable, useful building and finding cost effect solutions to complex designs.

In addition to all phases of new construction our firm is experienced with investigation, renovation, historical preservation, seismic review/upgrade, restoration, and general repair of existing structures.

We have an outstanding team of professional engineers each with 10-25 years of structural design expertise in utilizing concrete, wood, masonry & steel construction. Our in-house drafters are trained and continue to stay equipped with cutting edge software. Whether your design is contemporary or traditional architectural style, our engineers can seamlessly integrate with the project team to ensure that the structural elements are delivered on time and on budget.