Snohomish CSO Facility

The first phase of the City of Snohomish’s Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) project involved the reduction of untreated sewage flow from the historic downtown area going into the Snohomish River during heavy rains.  The project also transitioned the site from its current use as a maintenance yard into a city park surrounded by trails.

To meet the client’s goals—to produce a building that would compliment the City’s industrial past and historical present, Rolluda Architect’s design team incorporated unique building elements—special masonry, exposed structural steel, and customized lighting fixtures. The multi-colored brick exterior and the “flying” roof line supported by ornamental brackets echo the City’s historic buildings.

Colors and finishes were chosen to compliment the artistic theme. Rain gardens were installed to capture and treat runoff from surrounding paved areas. Accordingly, trails around the pump station and future public restrooms in the pump station building were incorporated into the design.

“The result is a new project that is not just functional and practical, but it has now become an attractive and inviting gateway for the City of Snohomish.” – ACEC Award Committee.  Awarded “Best in State” Silver Awards from the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence Awards, 2012.

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